The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers multiple benefits to all businesses. For businesses across the world cloud computing is something millions have invested in and switched to as it has enabled them to expand and carry out tasks with ease. Below we have provided you with some of the key benefits of cloud computing.


There are multiple different plans available when investing in cloud computing. Users are able to scale the services to meet their requirements, customise applications and documents from everywhere in the world. The cloud infrastructure scales on demand, accommodating the requirements of all businesses big or small.

The storage options that are available allow you to choose from public, private or hybrid options depending on security measures and other considerations.

Cloud Efficiency

Cloud computing uses remote sources meaning that businesses save money on servers and other storage equipment. The cloud-based applications, data and information are all accessible from nearly any device anywhere in the world. This allows large enterprises with teams in different locations to all access the same business data and information from their workplace. It is no secret that hardware failures do happen, however with cloud computing these failures do not result in data loss because of regular networked backups.


Understandably, some businesses can worry about utilising cloud computing as the data and information isn’t stored onsite. Questions such as “if you are able to access the information and data from a remote location, what is stopping a cybercriminal?” are often asked. A cloud computing host’s position is to always carefully monitor security and ensure that all threats are reduced, and information is secure.

92% of businesses saw an improvement in security after transferring to cloud computing and 91% said that the cloud makes it easier to meet the governments compliance requirements.

Our cloud computing products include Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Datto Workplace and Google GSuite.

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