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The best telephone systems in Newcastle, Manchester, London and the UK.

Our business telephone solutions don’t just save you money, they can also improve your own customer’s experience when communicating with you. Plus, businesses with multi-sites can even benefit from free internal calls between locations, including foreign offices. We provide telephone systems throughout Manchester, Newcastle, London and the UK.

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VoIP is a cloud based hosted telecoms solution which works over the internet through a standard IP handset and/or mobile app where calls are made and received via an internet connection and then routed to your device.

Benefits of using a VoIP solutions rather than a fixed line include:

  • Number portability enabling you to relocate with ease whilst keeping the same telephone number which can be geographically coded
  • Enhanced functionality such as call queues, conference call facilities, call recording, personalised messages and on hold music
  • Call routing flexibility in routing calls to another number out of hours or if you need to go out of the office or in an emergency situation
  • Cost efficient with ability for making free calls between colleagues and multi branch locations in addition to offering a low cost option for making international calls

Our telephone solutions are scalable and flexible, so we can provide a range of handsets from leading brands including Yealink and Snom. We can also provide software based telephone solutions that operate using software installed on a computer or tablet device.

Choice of carriers

We work with a number of call carriers to offer a range of solutions. We can even provide a fully integrated network solution that combines data, voice and video services over your computer network.

We operate transparently which means we can find a call carrier that meets your business needs and budget, with some providers offering inclusive calls within bundles for companies who make a large number of calls. Trust us to find what’s best for you.

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