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Whatever size of business you work in, whether you are a sole trader or a large national company, you will have Health and Safety responsibilities.

If you use electrical equipment in your business, then you have a responsibility to regularly maintain it and make sure it is safe to use.

Contact us today and let us help you to protect your business with PAT testing in Manchester, Newcastle, London and throughout the UK.

IT is in the detail

Health and Safety

Health and Safety policies and procedures are essential for protecting any business and whilst there are no legal requirements to state that it is essential to test all portable appliances (PAT testing), a business does have responsibility for the safety of any equipment being used.

PAT testing consists of:

  • Visual Checks – to ensure there is no visible damage to the appliance, no exposure to wires or cables, no damage to the plug itself.
  • Safety Checks – using a specialist PAT testing machine to check the earth continuity, lead polarity and insulation resistance of each item.

Testing should be carried out at regular intervals; this will depend on what the equipment is and how often it is used.

Pentagon Computer Solutions are proud to have teamed up with Safety Pro Global to offer a full spectrum of health and safety services, expert advice and compliance to ensure your business is operating legally and is not exposed to risk.

Insurance policies

Some insurance companies will insist on your equipment being PAT tested on a regular basis in order to meet the conditions of their policy. In the case of fire or environmental inspections evidence of business PAT testing is expected to be presented on request. In the event of a fire, without recent PAT testing records your insurance company may not pay out.

Our Services

Providing a top quality of service and a thorough testing of portable electrical appliances is what our testing team at Pentagon Computer Solutions strive for – whilst we will work diligently, quickly and efficiently, we will not take short cuts as we want to look after our clients and we do not want to miss any potentially dangerous faults.

Pentagon Fixed Price – We offer a fixed initial price of £65 plus VAT and this includes a thorough test of up to 20 portable items.

Additional Items – For more than 20 items there will be an additional charge of £1.25 per item plus VAT.

Anything Else? – If the plug wiring is deemed faulty or unsafe, or a fuse is the wrong size for the appliance and needs to be replaced, we can do this for a minimal additional cost.

An Important Note About PAT Testing

Equipment being PAT tested WILL need to be shut down to ensure a thorough test! Pentagon will work with you to ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum, testing at the most convenient time to suit the business. In office environments equipment will be shut down one unit at a time to minimise disruption.

Clients will receive a download of the testing results and a certificate of compliance on completion.

Why Choose Pentagon?

  • Our quality standards of care along with our excellent customer service ensures our clients receive great value for money
  • Every client is important, regardless of whether you are a sole trader with a few items, or a larger company with multiple items
  • Our standards of checking each item are in accordance with the latest guidelines set by the IET (Institute of Engineering &Technology)
  • Our engineers have been trained and assessed as competent persons to carry out thorough PAT testing as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to your business keeping your equipment safe without bamboozling you with jargon or hidden charges.

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