Cloud Computing Manchester, London, Newcastle

Cost effective, scalable and reliable.

Access your IT systems ANYWHERE in the world! Synchronise and share company files and calendar schedules with cloud computing in Manchester, London, Newcastle and throughout the UK.

Why use the Cloud:

  • Cost-efficient to fit within your budget
  • Help to consolidate your IT hardware
  • Flexible support options
  • IT on-demand
  • The right solution for your business

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IT is in the detail

Why Consider a Cloud Based Solution?

  • Cost effective solution for businesses where capital expenditure may be an issue or may be limited on space to securely store hardware equipment
  • Scalable Flexible Solution enabling options to expand with you as your business grows
  • Reliable Resilient Solution – ensuring business continuity in the event of equipment failure or unexpected disaster, enabling workers to continue working from anywhere that has a reliable internet connection.
  • Automatic and Current – Reduction in onsite maintenance costs and automatic updates to software ensuring your system is always current

Cloud computing offers a range of benefits

Here are four main benefits:

  • Cost 
    When you look at the cost of hardware, buying that hardware, paying for licenses, then putting it in a secure location somewhere within your premises, that is all quite expensive. But there are soft costs as well – power, support, cooling and even things like insurance. Cloud computing can take a significant capital expenditure and turn it into an operational expenditure, certainly saving you money in the long run.
  • Flexibility
    Businesses today need to be flexible and agile, whether you have a new application you want to roll out or whether you want to increase resources – disk space, bandwidth, anything like that you want to scale or change the resource behind your IT, you can do this much more easily with flexible cloud computing.
  • Reduces Risk
    How do you back up your data? How do you recover that data in the event of a disaster or accidental deletion? All these things are important and if you look at the services these days offered by cloud computing it can significantly reduce your risk and increase your productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased Performance
    There is nothing more frustrating for users than poor performing IT applications. By moving to a cloud computing environment you are moving to an environment where professionals are looking at how that application can be optimised. System upgrades are automatically applied and hardware upgrades are carried out with minimal disruption to you, and at no extra expense to your business.

Our aim is simple; to provide each customer with a reliable, honest Cloud service , that ensures your IT system is resilient, safe and affordable. We also ensure your infrastructure is kept up to date with business IT developments.

Our standard Cloud services would usually include:

  • No call out fees
  • Free estimates
  • Online Backup & Anti Virus included as standard
  • Full training given where appropriate
  • Full risk assessment carried out at regular intervals

Our products

Cloud based products which Pentagon work with include:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Datto Workplace
  • Google GSuite

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