5 Internet Safety Tips

Whether you’re browsing the internet for work or in your free time, you need to ensure you’re not putting yourself or your device in jeopardy. In this blog we discuss some top tips to follow for safety online.

Ensure your password is secure
One of the main ways hackers access your personal data is through a weak password, if your password is easy to remember, it also means it’s easy to guess. The most important factor is to make the password at least 15 characters. Ensure you use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbol. Plus, you can also use a random password generator to ensure your password meets all of this criteria.

Keep up to date
If your device hasn’t been updated in a while this can make it even easier for hackers to gain entry. When a new update comes out this fixes any bugs and weaknesses in the last system that could be infiltrated.
Here at Pentagon, with our IT Support North East we can ensure all of your devices are up to date and have the latest security software to prevent any breaches.

Don’t download just anything
Even if you’ve found an attachment that would be helpful to download, have you investigated the page? Has it got an SSL? Does the website seem legitimate? If you can’t answer these questions, then it’s best not to click download.

Be careful what you post
Once information is out in public domain it’s out there, even if deleted people can still gain access. That’s why it’s always wise to ensure any private information is kept private, especially when it comes to vital business information. Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want to be seen.

Use a secure VPN
When browsing in public, you can expose yourself to cyber security threats, this is done through Wi-Fi connections and VPN’s that are unsafe. To make sure you are totally secure it’s important you use a private network that does not allow the public domain to access.

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How Pentagon Can Be Your Trusted IT Support In 2021

Although the start to 2021 has been unexpected, the new year is a perfect time to plan ahead and stay positive. At Pentagon we understand that as a business you can feel unsteady, not knowing when you’ll be back in the office.

Because of this your IT Systems can suffer as you try to make remote working the best it can be. At Pentagon Computer Solutions we have been continuing to support businesses across the North East and the UK with Managed IT Support helping them stay safe and productive whilst working from home.

We are proud to work with a varied client base helping them with specific IT needs for their business. As a small business ourselves we fully appreciate the need for reliable and quality IT Solutions that doesn’t break the bank.

Our Managed IT Support ensures your businesses’ systems are up to date, effective and most importantly safe. Just some of the solutions included are…
– Ensuring antivirus software updates and other security updates are installed.
– Your equipment is regularly checked to ensure that the latest firmware and software updates are installed.
– Creating and maintaining solid data backup solutions.
– Remote support without the need to come to your office or home.
– Out of hours support.
– Emergency system failures.

The last thing you want is your IT System to get hacked, fail or struggle to cope with daily tasks. With Pentagon on your side, you never have to worry.
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Professional PAT Testing from Pentagon

In line with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury should be maintained in a safe condition. At Pentagon we specialise in PAT Testing for systems such as servers and server technology.

Whether you are a sole trader, or a large national company, health and safety is your responsibility and part of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states it’s the duty of every employer to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees.

Our expert team are highly skilled and can carry out PAT Testing across your whole server room, eliminating any potential risks or faults as well as advising you of future precautions to take. This is in line with The Electricity at Work Regulations – Regulation 4(2) that contains the statement “As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, such danger”

At Pentagon Computer Solutions we offer Managed IT Support which is tailored to your business needs. This includes ongoing solutions to keep your systems at maximum strength and security at the highest level possible. Our team will be on hand remotely and in person to ensure your systems are up to date and working to the best of their capacity.

We also offer free PAT Testing with our Managed IT Support, ensuring your business premises is safe and following the correct guidelines.

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Pentagon Computer Solutions is an independent IT services provider which offers fully managed IT solutions & IT support to domestic and business clients throughout the North East, Gateshead, Newcastle, Manchester and London areas.

How Will Technology Benefit People Throughout The Festive Period During a Pandemic & How Will A Digital Christmas Benefit Families in 2020?

With many people starting to plan for Christmas festivities during what can only be described as an exceptionally difficult year, many companies and individuals are already embracing technology to keep in touch with loved ones near and far, and preparing for what is likely to be a very different and unusual Christmas with the North East braced for the potential of the UK government imposing a transition into  tier three restrictions, despite local politicians strongly opposing further constraints being introduced in the local area.

What can technology do to assist this Christmas and New Year, is something that Cyber Security Technologist, and Managing Director at Pentagon Computer Solutions Ltd, Ray Burke has been asked repeatedly in recent weeks.  The answer lies with utilising video conferencing to keep in touch with loved ones. Ray Burke was surprised that many people did not realise that Zoom can be used free of charge for gatherings online for up to 40 minutes per session, and other platforms offer free videoconferencing too. This is something more and more families are utilising to remain connected throughout the pandemic. Furthermore, there has been a surge in people of all ages using smart devices such as the Amazon Echo & Alexa enabled devices to keep in touch with family members too, because once they are set up they are quite simple to use.

Staff at local technology and IT Managed Service Provider, Pentagon Computer Solutions, has already seen a second peak of unprecedented demand for web cameras, conference phones, CCTV, and improved internet connectivity to enable families to keep children entertained at home and to enable video conferencing with friends and family who would ordinarily be able to visit one another. The peak has been so great, that web cameras and video conferencing devices became hard to source in September 2020, according to Joseph McDonald, Senior Engineer at Pentagon Computer Solutions.

Sadly, for many people, getting high speed internet services remains to be somewhat of a challenge and the team at Pentagon Computer Solutions has been trialling a new product that has been able to deliver impressive internet download speeds in excess of 100Mbps in rural Northumberland. Such speeds are quite unheard of in areas that do not have high speed fibre technology deployed by either BT Openreach or Virgin Media. This new product has proven very popular in holiday homes, caravans, and rural properties that aren’t able to use conventional internet connections that are taken for granted in cities and urban areas, and Pentagon Computer Solutions has been able to help many homes and businesses improve Wi-Fi coverage and increase internet speeds to support multiple Zoom calls, Microsoft Teams meetings, Skype conferencing, and kids playing games consoles & completing school work online etc.

If you feel your business, community group or indeed your domestic situation would benefit from some IT support and better connectivity, or you want to help a loved one stay in touch give Pentagon Computer Solutions a call for free and impartial advice. Their website address is https://www.pentagoncomputers.co.uk or you can call 0191 5800 171.

Stay safe, take care, and enjoy the festive period digitally where you cannot spend it with family and friends.

Autumn & Winter 2020 IT Tips

  • https://www.drawnames.com is excellent for running an online Secret Santa, and ensures everyone gets a gift, all online and FREE! You can also ensure you are not given someone in your own family to buy for, its really nifty!
  • Sophos Central Home Edition includes parental controls to keep kids safe online and is on offer at time of going to press, at £37.50 for 12 month licencing which covers up to 10 devices including MAC and Windows devices, further reductions are available for longer term licensing! The product is one of the best on the market and offers exceptional value and protection – buy online at https://home.sophos.com
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has finally been released after a long time of waiting. Could this make a good Christmas gift for someone interested in aviation? Available on Amazon Prime at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Flight-Simulator-2020-Premium/dp/B08D193VQT
  • Did you know you can now group tabs within Internet browser Chrome? Find out more at https://shorturl.at/ijL36

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