Dunston Staiths Restoration Project

In February 2019 the iconic Dunston Staiths, suffered a serious arson attack which caused significant damage. Thanks to the ongoing support of many, and recent grant funding, a new and exciting chapter awaits, in partnership with the National Trust. The friends of Dunston Staiths shortly after the attack launched a campaign to support the repairs.

Over the past two years since the event, there have been many activities and events that have taken place to help raise money for the restoration project. Events have included:

‘Save the Staiths’ 5k & 10k Challenge, The Late Shows and much more!

The Pentagon team have been delighted to be involved in the restoration project and have been volunteering to aid them with free monitored CCTV in an outdoor setting where there is no power and cables aren’t permitted. Our team were working at heights to help secure the future of the structure.

The cameras offer great 1080p high-definition footage and night vision whereby the key holders are notified of motion on the structure’s upper and lower decks. We were absolutely thrilled with the results.

Funders and supporters of the project include Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic England, Gateshead Council, Durham Wildlife Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, Taylor Wimpey, Sir James Knott Trust and LEAF.

Heritage is an important part of the North East region and the public response to this project has been incredible, reminding us all of the importance of our heritage to all of our futures.

If you are able to donate, visit:


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How Technology Has Evolved Overtime and Helped Businesses

Over the past decade, technology has continued to develop at a rapid speed allowing businesses to always have the highest quality technology available to them. 10 years ago, there was a lack of work communication tools which made it difficult for businesses to communicate externally and internally with both customers and colleagues. The ever-changing technology will continue to grow and evolve allowing businesses to operate with even more ease.


Sharing information, data and communicating with customers and employees is vital to all businesses. With many businesses working from home over the past year, technology has made life much easier with applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and social media platforms. During lockdown, automated messaging was used to help businesses boost marketing productivity and show a presence. Now, it is used to provide customers with information or a response before the customers is responded to by an actual member of the team.

Remote Working

Despite lockdown, remote working has continued to grow over the last 15 years. Covid-19 forced many businesses who had never worked from home before to adapt to the climate and make this change. Now, for many businesses remote working is here to stay and something more and more businesses are going to be offering. Many businesses had to quickly adapt and ensure that the members of their team had the right equipment to do their job whilst working from home. The Pentagon team were on hand to help their clients with this new way of life and remotely assist them with their technology.


Artificial Intelligence has started to reshape the world and how we go about our daily tasks. There are many things that AI can do from processing massive amounts of data quickly and putting it into a digestible format to security and the use of a CRM. AI can help businesses increase their sales, detect fraud and improve customer experience.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has provided businesses across the world with a foundation for becoming more collaborative and customer focused. Using Cloud Computing has allowed businesses to access data, files and shared information from anywhere in the world. For businesses with offices in different time zones, they can all access the same information whenever they need it. Pentagon offer Cloud Computing to businesses across the North East, if this is something your business is looking to transition to, contact our team and we can help you.

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The Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing offers multiple benefits to all businesses. For businesses across the world cloud computing is something millions have invested in and switched to as it has enabled them to expand and carry out tasks with ease. Below we have provided you with some of the key benefits of cloud computing.


There are multiple different plans available when investing in cloud computing. Users are able to scale the services to meet their requirements, customise applications and documents from everywhere in the world. The cloud infrastructure scales on demand, accommodating the requirements of all businesses big or small.

The storage options that are available allow you to choose from public, private or hybrid options depending on security measures and other considerations.

Cloud Efficiency

Cloud computing uses remote sources meaning that businesses save money on servers and other storage equipment. The cloud-based applications, data and information are all accessible from nearly any device anywhere in the world. This allows large enterprises with teams in different locations to all access the same business data and information from their workplace. It is no secret that hardware failures do happen, however with cloud computing these failures do not result in data loss because of regular networked backups.


Understandably, some businesses can worry about utilising cloud computing as the data and information isn’t stored onsite. Questions such as “if you are able to access the information and data from a remote location, what is stopping a cybercriminal?” are often asked. A cloud computing host’s position is to always carefully monitor security and ensure that all threats are reduced, and information is secure.

92% of businesses saw an improvement in security after transferring to cloud computing and 91% said that the cloud makes it easier to meet the governments compliance requirements.

Our cloud computing products include Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Datto Workplace and Google GSuite.

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Managed IT Support From Pentagon

Managed IT Support is crucial to many businesses as it ensures that you have a team of professionals on hand to help you when there is a problem, or you need assistance. IT is in the detail, and we provide full Managed IT Support for our clients around the North East and further afield.

Our standard IT Support and Maintenance Solution has a number of features that are included as we like to ensure that our team are available to help you no matter the problem. Our service includes:

  • – Support of mainstream ‘off the shelf’ software packages
  • – Emergency system failures- if a system were to go down you can call our team straight away and we will help support the system and carry out the necessary repairs as part of the plan
  • – Remote support – we can often fix problems using the internet without having to come to your office, which saves you waiting for an engineer to travel to your premises

This is just a few of the many features our IT Support and Maintenance solution includes. If you are looking for more information about our Managed IT Support please contact us.

To provide maximum strength and security we build our own systems. However, no IT system is ever 100% infallible and you will need a trusted IT partner to put things right if they were to go wrong. That would be us! We are here to support our customers during their time of need.

Plus, our IT Solutions offer flexibility to expand as your business grows. We like to be able to ensure all of our customers that as there business grows, their systems can grow with them too.

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Making a Successful Transition Back to The Office

For many businesses up and down the country, working from home has become the new normal and with the latest government announcement of restrictions being lifted, businesses will be able to go back to their premises.

We understand it’s not going to be the easiest transition, ensuring your office space is Covid compliant is a high priority and that everyone feels comfortable to return. But an area you might not think about is your IT.

Throughout lockdown people have been using at home devices and getting everything back in one piece can be a concern.

With the help of Pentagon Computer Solutions, we can ensure your IT transition is as smooth as possible with no disruptions and loss of data.

Our experienced professionals can assist your team whether they are all returning to the office at once or you’re taking part in a phased return. No matter where your team may be, it’s important all files and data are accessible and most importantly safe.

With our tailored Managed IT Support we can make sure your systems are maintained, regularly updated and as secure as can be. We also offer remote and out of hours support too for if you run into an unexpected problem.

We know you’ve got lots to think about when heading back to the office and your IT doesn’t need to be another worry on the list…

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How Pentagon Can Be Your Trusted IT Support In 2021

Although the start to 2021 has been unexpected, the new year is a perfect time to plan ahead and stay positive. At Pentagon we understand that as a business you can feel unsteady, not knowing when you’ll be back in the office.

Because of this your IT Systems can suffer as you try to make remote working the best it can be. At Pentagon Computer Solutions we have been continuing to support businesses across the North East and the UK with Managed IT Support helping them stay safe and productive whilst working from home.

We are proud to work with a varied client base helping them with specific IT needs for their business. As a small business ourselves we fully appreciate the need for reliable and quality IT Solutions that doesn’t break the bank.

Our Managed IT Support ensures your businesses’ systems are up to date, effective and most importantly safe. Just some of the solutions included are…
– Ensuring antivirus software updates and other security updates are installed.
– Your equipment is regularly checked to ensure that the latest firmware and software updates are installed.
– Creating and maintaining solid data backup solutions.
– Remote support without the need to come to your office or home.
– Out of hours support.
– Emergency system failures.

The last thing you want is your IT System to get hacked, fail or struggle to cope with daily tasks. With Pentagon on your side, you never have to worry.
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Supporting Newcastle Castle Throughout The Pandemic

At Pentagon Computer Solutions we take great pride in supporting the local community, especially during these unprecedented times. That’s why we recently carried out some voluntary work at Newcastle Castle.

Located in the heart of the city, Newcastle Castle is a medieval fort that was built in 1080. Like many attractions this year they have felt the effects of the pandemic and with the introduction of the tier systems it meant they have been unable to re-open.
We have been proud to work with this prestigious North East landmark in the past and have created a fantastic working relationship with Chief Executive Officer Ben Smith

To offer our support the Pentagon team visited and carried out PAT Testing ensuring all equipment was checked and safe ready for when they can open their gates again.

We headed to The Castle Keep and Black Gate to carry out the testing and as the building is Grade 1 listed, we made sure to plan in advance to ensure any work being carried out would not cause any disruption to the castle’s structure.
During our visit we were lucky enough to participate in a photoshoot outlining the process which will be used in the Castle’s newsletter.

With the uncertainty of 2020 we wanted to offer our support in any way we can. Although Newcastle Castle may not be currently open, they still have an online gift shop which is perfect for finding a unique Christmas gift. You can learn more here:

Making Remote Working Successful For Your Business

Remote working has always been on the horizon for businesses but due to lockdown many of us have had to adapt to a new normal and make working from home fit into our daily schedules.

At Pentagon Computer Solutions we are proud to offer reliable Remote Support to businesses in Newcastle, the North East, London and beyond. In this blog we will be discussing our range of remote solutions to help all home-based businesses without compromising on security.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers your business full flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, making it ideal for the current climate. As your business grows so does your cloud which allows your employees to access company data and documents at any time through a remote device.

Switching to the Cloud is also a great money saving exercise as it allows you to remove unnecessary hardware that’s taking up valuable space. Plus, you can say goodbye to maintenance costs as all updates are automatic.

Other benefits include…

  • Scalable for business growth
  • Added security as data is stored on the cloud
  • Great for collaborative team projects
  • Environmentally friendly

Managed IT Support

At Pentagon we are proud to offer tailored IT Support that develops with your business. Our clients benefit from round the clock support that ensures their IT Systems are supported, affordable as well as safe.

Whether you’re managing your business remotely for the time being or are looking to take the step to remote working full time we can accommodate your needs with a personal service that takes all your needs into consideration.

Keeping your business safe while running to the best of it’s ability is our main priority.

An example of our IT Support and Maintenance solutions include…

  • Remote support in and outside of work hours – fixing problems remotely without the need for any downtime.
  • Ensuring the security of your IT Systems – including antivirus software checks/updates, regular data backups to avoid any loss of data and integrating safety solutions that benefit your business.
  • Business Continuity planning – Ensuring you have all the correct systems in place to maximise your business productivity and minimise any problems.

Make your remote working experience as hassle free as possible with bespoke IT Services from Pentagon Computer Solutions!

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