5 Internet Safety Tips

Whether you’re browsing the internet for work or in your free time, you need to ensure you’re not putting yourself or your device in jeopardy. In this blog we discuss some top tips to follow for safety online.

Ensure your password is secure
One of the main ways hackers access your personal data is through a weak password, if your password is easy to remember, it also means it’s easy to guess. The most important factor is to make the password at least 15 characters. Ensure you use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbol. Plus, you can also use a random password generator to ensure your password meets all of this criteria.

Keep up to date
If your device hasn’t been updated in a while this can make it even easier for hackers to gain entry. When a new update comes out this fixes any bugs and weaknesses in the last system that could be infiltrated.
Here at Pentagon, with our IT Support North East we can ensure all of your devices are up to date and have the latest security software to prevent any breaches.

Don’t download just anything
Even if you’ve found an attachment that would be helpful to download, have you investigated the page? Has it got an SSL? Does the website seem legitimate? If you can’t answer these questions, then it’s best not to click download.

Be careful what you post
Once information is out in public domain it’s out there, even if deleted people can still gain access. That’s why it’s always wise to ensure any private information is kept private, especially when it comes to vital business information. Don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want to be seen.

Use a secure VPN
When browsing in public, you can expose yourself to cyber security threats, this is done through Wi-Fi connections and VPN’s that are unsafe. To make sure you are totally secure it’s important you use a private network that does not allow the public domain to access.

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