How Technology Has Evolved Overtime and Helped Businesses

Over the past decade, technology has continued to develop at a rapid speed allowing businesses to always have the highest quality technology available to them. 10 years ago, there was a lack of work communication tools which made it difficult for businesses to communicate externally and internally with both customers and colleagues. The ever-changing technology will continue to grow and evolve allowing businesses to operate with even more ease.


Sharing information, data and communicating with customers and employees is vital to all businesses. With many businesses working from home over the past year, technology has made life much easier with applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and social media platforms. During lockdown, automated messaging was used to help businesses boost marketing productivity and show a presence. Now, it is used to provide customers with information or a response before the customers is responded to by an actual member of the team.

Remote Working

Despite lockdown, remote working has continued to grow over the last 15 years. Covid-19 forced many businesses who had never worked from home before to adapt to the climate and make this change. Now, for many businesses remote working is here to stay and something more and more businesses are going to be offering. Many businesses had to quickly adapt and ensure that the members of their team had the right equipment to do their job whilst working from home. The Pentagon team were on hand to help their clients with this new way of life and remotely assist them with their technology.


Artificial Intelligence has started to reshape the world and how we go about our daily tasks. There are many things that AI can do from processing massive amounts of data quickly and putting it into a digestible format to security and the use of a CRM. AI can help businesses increase their sales, detect fraud and improve customer experience.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has provided businesses across the world with a foundation for becoming more collaborative and customer focused. Using Cloud Computing has allowed businesses to access data, files and shared information from anywhere in the world. For businesses with offices in different time zones, they can all access the same information whenever they need it. Pentagon offer Cloud Computing to businesses across the North East, if this is something your business is looking to transition to, contact our team and we can help you.

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