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Looking for a telephone system with free internal calls between your branches?


Voice over IP (VoIP, or Voice over internet Protocol) means, in simple terms, the use of the internet to make phone calls, rather than the traditional use of telephone lines.

There are a number of advantages to using VoIP. The biggest single advantage VoIP has over standard telephone systems is cost. In addition, international calls using VoIP are usually very inexpensive. One other advantage, which will become much more pronounced as VoIP use climbs, calls between VoIP users are free. Using VoIP services, subscribers can call one another at no cost to either party regardless of your geographical location, including international calls.

As well as reducing your call charges, VoIP offers you many other benefits, including presenting a professional image of your business and offering maximum flexibility for small and medium sized businesses.

Operational Costs

VoIP can be a benefit for reducing communication and infrastructure costs. Examples include:

  • Routing phone calls over existing data networks to avoid the need for separate voice and data networks

  • The ability to transmit more than one telephone call over a single broadband connection

  • Secure calls using standardised protocols

What can our VoIP services offer?

  • Telephone conferencing

  • Music on hold IVR (Immersive Virtual Reality) [Example: Press 1 for Accounts; 2 to speak to Customer Services]

  • Call recording

  • Virtual receptionists

  • Geographical and non-geographical phone numbers

  • Multiple virtual telephone lines

  • Time based call routing. Automatically divert your calls elsewhere when your office is closed

  • Conference calls, caller ID, call waiting and call queuing

  • Hunt groups and call diversion

  • From £2 per month excluding VAT

Our aim is simple; to provide each customer with a reliable, honest, VoIP service, that ensures your IT system is resilient, safe and affordable. We also ensure your system is kept up to date with business IT developments.

Our standard VoIP service would usually include:

  • No call out fees

  • Full office and workplace VoIP solutions which can include iPhone and Blackberry inclusion within your VoIP system

  • Full training is provided with manuals where relevant

Up to 40% Funding Available

We are currently able to assist our local clients in applying for a grant that offers up to 40% funding (subject to criteria), so speak to us today by calling 0191 5800 171 and we will gladly advise you of how to make an application for a non repayable grant towards solutions offered by Pentagon Computer Solutions Limited.