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Secure online backup
Looking for secure online backup?
Online Backup

Secure Online Backup

Every company in the UK that has an IT system will no doubt have important information about customers, plans, finances, staff details, e-mails and a variety of electronic documents, all saved within the system. In most circumstances a company will also have to legally retain most of this information for many years, to keep in line with data protection laws.

If this information is saved electronically you may have it saved on an individual computer in the office, on a USB storage device, or on a server.

We find many customers do not backup data on a regular basis, if at all. When they do backup it is often on equipment based in the same office building as the computers themselves. The trouble with this? What happens if there is a fire, or the building is broken into, or flooded? All your data could be destroyed or lost, even if you did have it all backed up on another system but in the same building. Even backing up on portable devices and taking them home with you means you are at risk of losing information – we have all seen the newspaper headlines with people leaving laptops and disks full of peoples private information on trains or in the boot of their car!

The solution? It’s easy really… using our Online Backup service, we can ensure your system automatically backs up all your data, whenever and as often as you want. The data is backed up on large industrial servers, all based in the UK, & registered with the Information Commissioners’ Office, in line with the Data Protection Act of 1998. All data is encrypted and compressed prior to being backed up, for your security and safety.

Our online backup solution is ideally suited for small to medium sized businesses. You don’t need to purchase expensive backup devices or servers, you don’t need to worry that your data is vulnerable to fire, water damage or theft – it’s all saved for you, off site, in multiple secure purpose built data storage facilities within the UK.

As a small business ourselves, we have been able to develop a range of bespoke online backup plans. You only pay for the amount of storage you use. We can even provide systems that provide live data backup, so you never lose even a days’ worth of work. The system is simple – it does everything for you and runs in the background, giving you peace of mind, security and ensures your business can continue to operate even when disaster hits. Furthermore, the system can also create an internal backup in addition to an offsite backup, meaning that files can be restored from an internal backup in the event of hardware failure, which is often much quicker than restoring files from an off site backup. The solution is flexible and can accomodate most data types including but not limited to, Microsoft Exchange, SQL databases, and of course your accounts software and day to day spreadsheets and documents.

Our aim is simple; to provide each customer with a tailored online backup plan that ensures your IT system is resilient, safeguarded and affordable, with room to expand as and when your company grows. We also ensure your system is kept up to date with business IT developments.

Our standard online backup packages would usually include:

  • A 30 day FREE TRIAL
  • Online backup performed automatically on a regular basis, decided by you, which could be hourly, daily, weekly or even live immediate backup
  • Our own engineers support and manage your backup remotely to ensure your files are safe at all times.
  • Advice on data management and storage including risk assessments and business continuity planning.
  • Our Online Backup service is based on a minimum twelve (12) month subscription.

Up to 40% Funding Available

We are currently able to assist our local clients in applying for a grant that offers up to 40% funding (subject to criteria), so speak to us today by calling 0191 5800 171 and we will gladly advise you of how to make an application for a non repayable grant towards solutions offered by Pentagon Computer Solutions Limited.