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Looking for a company to maintain your current IT system?
IT Support, Computer Maintenance, and PC diagnostics

IT Support and Maintenance

Most companies in the UK needs some level of IT support and computer maintenance. The amount of support a company needs will depend on the number of employees, the type of work you do and what level of IT knowledge and skill people have within the company, coupled with the age of the equipment.

If you’re a small business you are unlikely to have a dedicated IT professional on site. You may have a member of staff who “looks after” the system, but what would happen if the system goes down or that person is on holiday or off work due to illness? If your system is down for even 1 hour, the cost can be significant to any business.

It’s highly unlikely a small or medium sized business could afford to pay for an individual IT manager and so we have developed a variety of IT maintenance solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs.

As a small business ourselves, we have been able to develop a range of bespoke IT maintenance packages that are tailored to your individual business need. We will not sell you products and software you do not need, nor will we sell you a package that stretches your budget. If you only require a small amount of assistance, we will normally recommend working on a Pay As You Go basis unless we can demonstrate that a maintenance and support plan would be more cost effective.

Our aim is simple; to provide each customer with a tailored IT Support & Maintenance solution that ensures your IT system is resilient, safe and affordable, with room to expand as and when your company grows. We also ensure your system is kept up to date with business IT developments.

When looking to purchase an IT support and maintenance solution you will usually need to consider the following aspects:

  • Scheduled housekeeping visits
  • Preventative system maintenance & monitoring
  • Dealing with critical issues as they happen

Our standard IT support and maintenance solutions would usually include:

  • Support of mainstream “off the shelf” software packages, including, but not limited to, supporting Microsoft Office applications, QuickBooks and Sage Accounts
  • Ensuring antivirus software updates and other security updates are installed
  • Your equipment should regularly be checked to ensure that the latest firmware and software updates are installed
  • Creating data backup solutions with file retention policies, either offsite or onsite – or both
  • Remote support – we can often fix problems using the internet without having to come to your office, which saves you waiting for an engineer to travel to your premises
  • Out of hours support – we are always at the end of a telephone line – at no extra cost
  • Emergency system failures – if the system goes down you can ring us straight away and we will help support the system and do the necessary repairs as part of the plan
  • Business Continuity Planning - ensuring that systems are in place to overcome disaster, should the unthinkable happen

All this can be done at a fraction of the price of having a dedicated member of specialist IT staff.


We charge £35 + VAT per hour for ad-hoc business IT support and consultancy as well as computer maintenance, however the first hour with each new customer is always free of charge. This allows us the opportunity to introduce ourselves, assess your needs, identify any issues, and provide a solution where appropriate.

Our support plans are entirely bespoke and therefore the prices vary based on the nature of your requirements, the systems you have, and the number of computers and staff members. We therefore invite you to contact us to obtain a free no obligation quotation. Although we do tailor our services to your individual needs, here is an overview of the structure of the maintenance contracts we currently offer:-

Service Bronze Silver Gold
Free Onsite Health Check
Free IT Risk Assessment
Remote Support
Unlimited, 24 Hour Telephone Support
Virus and Security Health Monitoring
Service Pack Updates Chargeable with 10% Discount
Unlimited Onsite Support Mon-Fri, 9-5 Chargeable with 10% Discount
Daily Backup Checks Chargeable with 10% Discount
Scheduled Server Health Checks Chargeable with 10% Discount Chargeable with 15% Discount
Installations, Movers, Additions, & Changes Chargeable with 10% Discount Chargeable with 15% Discount
10GB Online Backup Chargeable Chargeable
Guaranteed Response Time
(To commence investigatory work)
72 Hours 48 Hours 24 Hours
Cost Per Month Per Device Ex. VAT £20 £30 £40

To discuss your needs or to seek assistance with a current IT problem, or to get some free and unbiased advice from our engineers...

Call us on 0191 5800 171