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Has your data been lost or destroyed?
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Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

Computers have become central to our modern way of living and as more and more of us store our valuable family photos on our computers and all our correspondance, work, study and other documents we run the risk of a major computer failure meaning we can loose all our important files.

If your system breakdown means you have lost that important document, family photo album or any other file, don’t worry, we can usually recover your data in house, quickly and without fuss. If we can’t, we can send the hard drive to one of our specialist data recovery partner companies who can use specialist equipment to recover your vital files, in most cases.

Unfortunatley we often find a large number of people never back up their computers and leave themselves vunerable to data loss. Ask anyone who has lost data in the past and you can bet they have learned the hard way and now back up regularly!

So why not learn from those who didn't back up regularly and check out our Online Backup solutions where we can offer automated online backup services that would mean in the event your computer breaks down, all your data is easily restored, reducing the risk of losing important customer details and internal documents.