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Fibre Optic Broadband Router and cables
Do you want faster, cheaper or a more reliable broadband solution?
Broadband installation and business internet connectivity solutions

Broadband Installation

Over 76% of adults in the UK have fixed line Broadband (OFCOM Q1 2012), however many people never switch their provider or review their broadband needs. The government has committed to deliver nationwide 2Mb broadband by 2015, and equip 90 per cent of the population with 25Mb speeds by 2017. So, why not contact us to see whats become available. You might be able to upgrade at no extra cost. Here at Pentagon Computer Solutions Limited, we offer an unbiased service and we are not tied to any specific provider and therefore we can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs.

We can support both domestic and business customers and deal with ADSL; SDSL; Fibre Optic, Cable services, and Leased Lines.

Pentagon Computer Solutions has found that many potential customers have used the various comparison websites & review articles that can be found in magazines and on the intenet to seek a low cost ISP (Internet Service Provider). Whilst this can help you to choose a cheaper service, the results are often not flexible or detailed enough to suggest a broadband services that will meet specific needs for businesses and customers who seek exemplary customer service and rapid internet performance, or require specific features/facilities.

This is where Pentagon Computer Solutions can help. We can analyse your previous usage, discuss your current requirements, plan ahead for any forseen changes in your forthcoming usage, and find the product that is right for you, and support you through the process of selecting a suitable product, ordering, and installing the new service. We also offer assistance in closing down your account with your current service provider too. Many of the solutions we offer combine telephony and internet services. Our aim is always to seek the best possible solution at the lowest possible price, as we understand most customers are keen to reduce their costs and improve productivity. It doesn't stop there either. We constantly review the market and promote the latest deals and products to our customers and continuously review our client's services to ensure we are recommending the best deal at all times.

When offering business internet connectivity solutions, we will always give consideration to business continuity planning, as we fully appreciate most businesses rely heavily on the internet for e-mail access and hosted internet solutions in today's society, and suffer in the event of down time or outages. It is for this reason that we often recommend using modem routers that offer resillience and contingency such as 3G internet facilities for any instances where your normal internet solution isn't operable (although this seldom occurs, due to rigorous testing and appraisal of the service providers we promote).

If you are looking to reduce your service costs, or improve your internet speeds do not hesitate to give us a call on 0191 5800 171 for free unbiased advice and solutions before making any decisions. Our consultation won't cost you a penny.