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Flexible Evenings & Weekends

Broadband Installation

Over 76% of adults in the UK have fixed line Broadband (OFCOM Q1 2012), however many people never switch their provider or review their broadband needs. The government has committed to deliver nationwide 2Mb broadband by 2015, and equip 90 per cent of the population with 25Mb speeds by 2017. So, why not contact us to see whats become available. You might be able to upgrade at no extra cost. Here at Pentagon Computer Solutions Limited, we offer an unbiased service and we are not tied to any specific provider and therefore we can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs.

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery

Computers have become central to our modern way of living and as more and more of us store our valuable family photos on our computers and all our correspondance, work, study and other documents we run the risk of a major computer failure meaning we can loose all our important files.

Cloud Computing

You may have heard the term “Cloud Computing” but most people have no real idea what it is, other than thinking it’s the next new big thing!

The word ‘Cloud’ was a term that used to be used by the telecom industry, but is now used to describe the internet. It is now a term used to describe the demarcation between your internet provider, the internet and where it joins your home or work network.

So what makes cloud computing attractive to business, and why would you make the decision to move to a cloud computing environment?

Message Exchange

Pentagon Message Exchange is a UK hosted business e-mail solution based on Microsoft Exchange Server. It allows you to synchronise your Pentagon Message Exchange mailbox on multiple devices and share information with colleagues and associates. Most businesses desire the functionality offered by Microsoft Exchange Server, but for many firms, the affordability prohibits the use of an in-house solution which can be too expensive and overly complex to manage and maintain.

Data and Voice Cabling

Look around your office or workplace. Have you got computer or telephone cables all over the place? Are you tripping up over them, causing health and safety risks, or a risk of damaging your expensive computer and telephone equipment? Does the office or workplace look unprofessional?

Is your IT system running slow? Was it installed a number of years ago? Or do you simply require more networked computers within your office?


Voice over IP (VoIP, or Voice over internet Protocol) means, in simple terms, the use of the internet to make phone calls, rather than the traditional use of telephone lines.


Computer networking means all of your computer and IT devices all communicate with each other, share information and access shared company documents; giving a standardised approach, centralised storage of saved documents and offers safety and security for business owners.

Computer and Laptop Repairs

[And Other Internet Enabled Devices]

No call out fee – No fix no fee and no hidden fees

£19.99 diagnostic fee - with a full refund if you want us to repair or replace your broken hardware.

It’s happened to most of us. Just as you’re about to finish that important report, or as you’re about to finish your biggest customers account, the computer freezes, the laptop overheats and the whole system shuts down – disaster, frustration, loss of work and time and even loss of business.

Secure Online Backup

Every company in the UK that has an IT system will no doubt have important information about customers, plans, finances, staff details, e-mails and a variety of electronic documents, all saved within the system. In most circumstances a company will also have to legally retain most of this information for many years, to keep in line with data protection laws.

If this information is saved electronically you may have it saved on an individual computer in the office, on a USB storage device, or on a server.


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